12 gauge alarm kit

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Save money and buy the kit includes 6 blanks & full roll of 156ft military surplus trip wire. New improved design. Tighter fit and feel and rust resistant assembly! 12 ga perimeter alarm device. A basic trip alarm device that can be used hundreds of times in many different ways for real security or fun.

This unit which is made of aircraft aluminum that utilizes a spring loaded firing mechanism and a trip trigger. When loaded with a 12 gauge blank, and the trigger is disturbed the unit will discharge. This device can be used in conjunction with the 12 gauge pepper spray cartridges, 12 gauge tracers and 12 gauge pepper gas depending on ones situation and requirements. Use this for great general security, spruce up your paint ball game or scare the pants off your friends. Comes with mounting hardware, one 12 gauge tester blank and instructions. Caution: for outdoor use only. Keep away from flammable materials.

Scheduled to be here by the end of the month of May! We will be having them in four colors. Army Green, Desert brown, Flat black and silver.

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