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How To Make Fireworks: Bringing Alive Your Celebrations

Olympics is considered the biggest event on the earth where people from all the continents come together. However the Olympics is incomplete without the display of a magnificent fireworks. The fireworks industry is in a state of continuous innovation and how to make fireworks has evolved as a professional industry.

Pyrotechnics is the science of materials which deal with the substances capable of producing explosive heat and light. It is a vast fields ranging from the   production of fireworks to automotive airbags. Pyrotechnics can produce marvelous and spectacular effects and this property is utilized across various industries.

Pyrotechnics are used to provide special effects, theatrical effects and proximate effects. The special pyrotechnics have been employed in the entertainment industry by various rock bands like Pink Floyd and Queen. The proximate pyrotechnic refers to the location of the device in relation to the audience and is essential to ensure the safety of the arena.

The display pyrotechnics also known as commercial fireworks are intended for outdoor use and used on special occasions. The consumer pyrotechnic is available to the general public and meant for recreational use.  This generally includes modern rocket mortars and marine distress flares. Special care should be taken to ensure safety while handling these devices.

Ball Mill is a device which answers the question relating to How to Make Fireworks. It is used to grind materials into a very fine paste which act as an ingredient for fireworks. It employs a media like ceramic balls, stainless steel balls and ceramic  balls to provide suitable grinding power. The ball mill can grind particles to the size of .001 mm increasing their surface area and reaction rate.

Another important aspect of how to make fireworks is the use of Cannon Fuse. A cannon fuse is basically a visco fuse which is very thick and steadier burning. It can even burn underwater and is used fro setting up delays to synchronize the display of fireworks with music. Another application of how to make fireworks is in the development of smoke bombs which are used to produce smoke in games like paintball.

How to make fireworks is a technical field and has well laid down formulas to manufacture fireworks. It is a very exploratory field and involves the use of remote controlled fireworks to produce magnificent results. Although there are well laid down formulas for manufacturing fireworks it is always better to take the tutelage of an expert.


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