Ignition & Fuse

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375 precut colored Flying fish fuse

Flying fish fuse fuse is a very popular mine and shell insert, You will get 375 pcs of  3/32" X..


50 ft Yellow super fast fuse 1 sec ft

Will come in one continuous length of 50ft. If you order more than 1 Qty we will not send 50ft roll..


Chinese times fuse 3 sec per inch 10 Ft 1/4 inch

This is a high quality time fuse. This is the chinese copy of japanese time fuse. Has light tan oute..


Colored crackling fuse 50 Ft 1/8 inch

50 ft roll 1/8" colored crackling fuse. Very high quality chinese fuse. Burns very hot and has ..


Crackling fuse colored 65 Ft 1/8 inch

1 Qty=65 Ft roll 1/8" Crackling fuse. Very high quality Chinese fuse. Burns very hot and has loud cr..


Flying fish fuse 45 Ft 3/32 inch

1 Qty=45 Ft roll 3/32" Flying fish fuse. Very high quality Chinese fuse. Burns very hot and propulsi..


Hot pink 5 sec chain fuse 50 ft 1/8 inch

HOT PINK very hot burning pink fuse. Burns around 5-6 second per foot...


Med speed Fuse 20ft 15 sec ft

20 ft 3mm of dark green medium cake fuse. Burns at burn rate marked 14.9-15.4 sec per ft. Fantasti..

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Paper crackling strips dragon eggs 12 Ft 1/4 inch

1/4" in Diameter X 3/32" flat paper type crackling fuse it comes in a Qty 12 - 1ft strips. Really co..

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Pink PERFECT fuse 10 seconds 20ft

The pink PERFECT fuse is back!Burn rate around 10 seconds per foot. A very high quality fu..

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Precut Chinese fuse 100 X 3 sticks

3"strips of 1/8" Chinese fuse. 100 Pcs per pack = 25 Ft. Great all purpose fuse water resistant High..

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Precut crackling fuse 3 inch

Qty 100 X 3" X 2.5mm crackling fuse.This comes pre boxed in 100 pcs of 3" sticks of crackling fuse. ..


Precut fuse 1.8mm x100

3" long 1.8mm precut fuse X 100 pcs. Good fuse with a light LC coating for water resisting. Wor..

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Premium Cannon fuse with header 15 ft 2mm

Here is a Premium quality 2mm fuse which comes prepackaged with header so is great for firework stan..


Ultra fast Fuse 20 ft .10 sec ft

Here is our fastest fuse available. This is an amazing fuse burning at a blazing speed of .17-...

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Value visco fuse 300ft

300ft value Visco fuse 1/8 inch standard quality fuse slow burn rate around 23 seconds per foot. Ha..


2mm premium fuse x 20ft New

2mm premium fuse x 20ft

High quality 2mm green fuse X 20ft W/ header. Great high quality fuse with a burn rate of 25 sec foo..

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Colored Falling leaf fuse 65 feet x 1/8 inch

1 Qty = 65 ft of our extremely vivid colored falling leaf fuse X 1/8" in diameter.Named Falling leaf..

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Colored flying fish BEE fuse 65 feet 1/8 inch

Burn rates are around 26 sec per foot1 Qty = 65 ft of extremely propulsive colored flying fish BEE f..

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Fast pink bulk fuse 390 ft 1/8 inch 4-5 second/foot

1 full 390 ft roll of hot burning pink fuse in bulk roll. LOTS of side spit. Burns right at 5 second..


Fuse- Standard quality 3mm 65ft

65 foot 1/8 inch standard quality fuse slow burn rate of 23-27 seconds per foot.If you order Qty 2, ..

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Premium green fuse 3mm X 20ft 20 sec ft New

Premium green fuse 3mm X 20ft 20 sec ft

Premium green cannon fuse burn rate of around 20 sec per foot. good hot slow and controlled burn. No..

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Purple Med speed fuse 3mm 5 sec ft 20ft New

Purple Med speed fuse 3mm 5 sec ft 20ft

PURPLE med speed fuse 3mm X 20ft. Burn rate right at 5 sec per foot. Great quality fuse with a hot b..

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Quick match kit 60 feet

This quick match consists of enough leader pipe, quick fuse and slow visco to make 60ft of water res..


X200+ punks special packaging Out Of Stock

X200+ punks special packaging

Here is 200+ punks. I am unsure how many are in the packaging since when we received it in, Only Chi..