532nm super bright green laser

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.3w focus able green laser.

This laser is an affordable fun laser with a unbelievable bright green beam that can be easily seen for up to 10 miles. The beam is extremely bright and visible at night and great for pointing out stars etc. Comes complete with charger, rechargeable battery. STAR HEAD is optional
(1) output power (mw) : .300w
(2) wavelength(nm) :532nm
(3) body color: black
(4) net weight: 85g
(5) body material: aerometal
(6) switch: momentary switch
(7) focus mode: OPTIONAL removable star head
(8) burns no
(9) expected lifetime: > 8000 hours
(10) working time: >1hours
(11) battery: 1*16340 (rechargeable li battery)
(12) laser range: up to 10 miles
(13) max brightness: >350lm

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