Perimeter Alarms

Perimeter Alarms

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12 Ga alarm primer adapter

This 12 Ga alarm adapter works with all of our 12 Ga alarms in place of the 12 Ga blank shells. It i..


12 gauge perimeter alarm

12 ga perimeter alarm device. A basic trip alarm device that can be used hundreds of times in many d..


Micro Trip perimeter alarm

Brand new for 2018.New line of a mini trip devices from PyroCreations. These are perfect for those w..


Replacement blanks & Pepper Gas for perimeter alarm

Quantity is 3. Choose the replacement blank or pepper gas which best suits your need. The 12 ga..


12 gauge alarm kit

Best deal!Save money and buy the kit which includes 6 blanks, a full roll of 156ft military surplus..


Camouflage trip wire 156 Ft

This trip wire comes on wooden spool and is made to use with the signal alarm systems. This trip wir..


12 gauge alarm spare Firing plate

Spare 12 Ga firing plate for our 12Ga alarm. May be brass or stainless...