A brief introduction to smoke bomb

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A brief introduction to smoke bomb


A smoke bomb is a special kind of a firework that produces a jet of smoke on being ignited. Made using potassium chlorate and sodium bicarbonate, the smoke bombs have small holes through which the smoke and heat comes out for 10-15 minutes at a stretch. Baking soda and sugar are also added to moderate the reaction. And, organic colorants in white, red, pink, blue, and other colors are added to make the smoke bomb colorful. Smoke candle, smoke canister, and smoke balls are some of the variants of smoke bombs.

If an important event is around the corner and you wish to add special effects to the same, buy smoke balls or smoke bombs. Smoke bombs would add an ethereal touch to your party and would make it memorable for years to come. Your guests would love to watch the mesmerizing display of light and color and would be glad to have attended your party.

Though you can get smoke bomb from any virtual firework shop, it is advisable to buy them online. There are several manufacturers of fireworks who have come up with successful online presence. By visiting one such store, you can choose smoke bombs and smoke balls from an extensive variety right from the comfort and convenience of your home. This is not all. Buying fireworks online would save your time and money as well. There are quite a few providers of fireworks who offer smoke bombs, smoke balls, cannons, sparklers, and many other fireworks at discounted rates.

However, whether you buy fireworks online or offline, make sure you buy them from a genuine and reliable manufacturer or supplier. Genuine fireworks suppliers use the safest materials and products for producing the best quality fireworks. Also, before lighting the smoke bomb, make sure the area is properly ventilated and the surface on which you place the smoke candle or smoke canister is inflammable.

If you want, you may even make smoke bombs on your own. The Internet is flooded with useful material on how to make fireworks. You would get step-by-step instructions on how to make a smoke bomb and other firework as well. Plus, with the easy availability of fireworks-making product and components, you can make a smoke bomb or smoke balls with ease and comfort all on your own.

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