Sky lanterns: an environmentally-friendly way to enjoy fireworks

Posted by Mike 12/09/2016 0 Comment(s)

Sky lanterns: an environmentally-friendly way to enjoy fireworks


Almost every one of us loves fireworks. The beautiful display of light, sound, and color produced by the fireworks fills our hearts with joy and ecstasy and we lose ourselves completely in that very moment. But most of us are not aware of the environmental impact of burning fireworks. The smoke that is produced by the fireworks is not only injurious for the environment, but also for us. It contains the obnoxious chemicals which are injurious for lungs, as well as our overall health.

However, if you want to organize an amazing fireworks display for your wedding or for an upcoming family event, go for sky lanterns. Sky lanterns are environmentally-friendly. They are a great alternative to conventional fireworks that cause air and noise pollution. Sky lanterns are fully biodegradable. They are made out of rice paper that just dissolves in to the air and its thin wire rusts away over time, not posing any risk to the environment. Normal fireworks are made of chemicals so as to produce sound and light.

On being lit, the sky lantern fills up with hot air and floats off in to the sky without making any noise. They don’t even involve any explosives. If you are planning to have your birthday party in your private garden and you don’t your neighbours to get disturbed, you may buy sky lanterns to have fun without spoiling their sleep or causing any disturbance to them. Sky lanterns are all the more perfect for weddings as they are silent in nature. The beautiful effects that these quite and peaceful fireworks produce create a romantic ambience for complementing the mood of the occasion.

As well as being environmentally-friendly, the sky lanterns are user friendly too. Since sky lanterns don't involve explosives they are a lot safer. The only naked flame that is visible is a piece of cardboard that burns fairly slowly. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the sky lanterns firing off into different directions and injuring people because they keep floating in the sky quite gently.

So, if you care for the environment, buy these fireworks. Sky lanterns are not only good for the environment, but also for you. You can add a touch of beauty and charm to the whole event and make your wedding, birthday party, anniversary, or any other occasion enjoyable and memorable for you.

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