How to Differentiate Between a Good Quality and Bad Quality Firework

Posted by Mike 12/09/2016 0 Comment(s)

Fireworks are great fun but only till they are safe. A little carelessness on our part in the form of buying low quality fireworks or mishandling them while lighting or leaving them with the kids without the supervision of elders can make fireworks a risky game.

As far as low quality fireworks are concerned, many people complain that they are not able to differentiate a low quality firework from a good quality one. Well, its easy.

To start with, the external composition and look of the fireworks themselves say a lot about the quality of the fireworks and what we can expect out of them. Low quality fireworks have loosely bound mortars, shells and cannon fuses. Moreover, there are mighty chances that the cannon fuse or the visco fuse of the firework would be inappropriately small and have loosely wrapped protective layers. Such a condition of the cannon fuse of the firework should be a reason, more than enough, to drop the idea of buying that firework then and there; the reason being, that the cannon fuse part is the most critical part of any firework. A small or loosely wrapped cannon fuse in the firework can make the firework explode before the expected duration and lead to accidents. Some times, in fireworks like flying fish, such a visco fuse becomes all the more risky because the fuse itself is the firework.

A good quality firework would always have a long cannon fuse with minimum of three protective layers wrapped around it, tightly. The three layers are, invariably, a combination of usual and lacquer coated wires. While the usual wires provide mechanical strength, the lacquer coated ones provide water resistance to the fuse and keep the fuse from falling apart. 

Along with a long and well protected cannon fuse, a good quality firework would also have thick walled and well protected mortars and shells and they would be tightly bounded with each other.If one still has doubts about how to differentiate a good quality firework from a poor quality one and what is so different about a good quality firework, one can buy some fireworks from and get the feel of using a high quality firework. The address to place order with them is

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