Preparing colored smoke bomb at home

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Preparing colored smoke bomb at home


A smoke bomb is a pyrotechnic gadget that is safer than most fireworks. The explosives used for this type of firework are formulated such that they produce minimum flames and maximum smoke. Also, the chemicals that are used for making smoke bombs are least explosive in nature and thereby allow them to diffuse smoke only. Making smoke bomb at home is safe, easy, and enjoyable.  

For preparing a smoke bomb at home, you would need potassium nitrate (KNO3) or saltpeper as it popularly called. Then you will need table sugar or sucrose. When KNO3 is combined with appropriate quantity of table sugar in the presence of heat it produces a slow combustion process with very little flame and lot of smoke. For producing more smoke, usually brown sugar it added to the mixture.

The natural color of the smoke bomb made out of KNO3 and table sugar is white. This color comes from the water vapors and the potassium carbonate produced by the combustion process. However, in order to get colored smoke out of your smoke bomb, you may add colored organic dyes of different shades like yellow, purple, orange, red, blue, green, or a combination of any of these colors to get the colored smoke of your choice.

When mixing the powder and other ingredients, you must be careful as the heat produced by fiction can ignite the mixture even before the bomb is prepared. Then, you must take care that the components of the smoke bomb are not refined too much. It would be good to grind the ingredients separately and when they attain a fine consistency you may add water to it to form a paste-like substance. The colored dyes are added to the mix just as it begins to feel like a paste. Leave the paste to dry for about a day. When the bomb becomes clayish, it is ready to be used.

Adding a pinch of sodium bicarbonate in to the solution is quite effective. It helps slow down the oxidation process and allow enough smoke to be emitted from the smoke bomb before it burns itself up.

For those who don’t want to get in to the hassle of preparing smoke bomb at home, there are smoke bomb kits in the market. One can buy those to add color and light to the fireworks display.

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