All you wanted to know about fireworks fuse

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All you wanted to know about fireworks fuse


Fuses are used in fireworks, cannons, firearms, and many other forms of pyrotechnics. Also termed as pyrotechnic initiating device, a fuse is the part of the device that initiates the function of burning or lightning.

Visco fuse is the simplest form of the fuse consisting of the burning core of black powder coated with one or more over raps made of textile. The outer layers of the visco fuse are coated with wax or lacquer. Because of its durability and water resistance, visco fuse is one of the most popularly used fireworks fuse.

Other popular fireworks fuse is black match. It consists of a cotton string coated with black powder and glue and allows quick and easy burning of the firecrackers. For professional fireworks, quick match is also used. It is a type of black powder fuse that consists of black match covered with a loose paper wrap. On being burnt, it enables the fire to pass quickly between the devices.  Modern fireworks use electric safety fuse. An electric safety fuse lights a main fuse when activated by an electric current. This type of firework fuse consists of a pair of wires connected to another thin electric wire. When current is applied, it heats the wire which eventually ignites the main fuse and helps burn the firecracker.

Slow match, safety fuse, and flying fish fuse are also used as fireworks fuse. A slow match is an extremely slow burning fuse that consists of a hemp or cotton rope saturated with potassium nitrate and produces only a small glowing tip instead of a large flame. Safety fuse consists of a black powder core in a textile tube, covered with asphaltum and having a tough plastic outer wrapping. 

A flying fish is made like a Visco fuse, but contains a metallic spark composition instead of black powder. In addition to being used as an initiator, it can be used itself for producing beautiful fireworks display.

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