Ball mill 15 Lb

15 lb capacity high speed ball mill. Larger size for the more serious hobbyist to mill black powder, rocket propellant and other in larger quantities. (18 cups) far more efficient than the 3 lb unit due to the flat, 6 sided interior surface of the barrel and even more efficient then the old style 15 mills we used to sell. This high-efficiency barrel design maximizes the milling action by forcing the grinding media to fall & impact on itself during rotation (barrel measures 9" high x 8.5" in diameter). Grind most materials into a fine powder in just a few hours. Includes a single 15 lb. Neoprene lined barrel with quick-seal, leak proof closures (spark resistant) heavy duty construction and easy to use and built to last a lifetime. Liquid can be used in the barrel without any worry of leakage. Continuous-duty fan- cooled extra heavy duty motor that should never give problems.

The motor turns at 3000 rpm, turning the barrel at 40 rpm

do not attempt to mill flash powder! It can cause explosion.

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