Musicfire MB32Q firing system

Great Features (click to see detailed descriptions):

You can download the PDF file to see detailed description:
MB32Q Fireworks Firing System TCF200-U work with the firing modules
A transmitter can work with multiple firing modules synchronously.  The quantity of the module is limitless.
A audio player can control a Multifunctional Transmitter.
Users can program firing modules as many as you need.

RFRemotech Wireless Firing System PC software control for Firework Displays
Easy and friendly PC software.

RFRemotech Wireless Firing System PC software can DEMO a script in a PC
Users can DEMO a script in a PC.

RFRemotech Fireworks Firing system Firing Melody Combining Software for Firework Displays
  Melody Combiner let you combine multiple melodies into one.

Users can find latest version of the softwares below:

RFRemotech Fireworks Show Editor Software:  Editor_V2.1.2Sa.exe
Used to edit scripts of fireworks show.
Available under Windows XP / 7 / 8.0 / 8.1 / 10. Released on Nov.25, 2015.

If users have failures when install RFRemotech Fireworks Show Editor Software, you need to change the setting of your PC according to the guides below:
For Windows 8.0: 
 How to make Window 8 allow the installation of the driver
For Windows 8.1: 
 How to make Window 8.1 allow the installation of the driver
For Windows 10:   How to make Window 10 allow the installation of the driver   

Melody Combiner Software: 
Used for combining WAV or MP3 melodies to be one. No noise with combined melody.  Some bugs are corrected.
Available for Windows. Released on Dec.14, 2015.

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