Flame Throwers

Flame Throwers
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XM42 Lite Flame thrower Out Of Stock

XM42 Lite Flame thrower

As Recently Featured on Fox News!Made In The USA1The all new XM42 Lite Flamethrower is available for..


XM42-M backpack 2-3 Days

XM42-M backpack

Increase your burn time to over 3.5 minutes by converting your XM42-M to the XM42-M Ultralite!Design..


X15 Flame Thrower 2-3 Days

X15 Flame Thrower

Enjoy more firing time with the X15 FlamethrowerWith 50 feet of range and 60 seconds of continuous b..


XL18 Flame Thrower 2-3 Days

XL18 Flame Thrower

Shoot further with the XL18 FlamethrowerIf you are the type of person that wants the biggest and the..