Fuse and Ignition

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Cannon fuse American Visco Red, Green & R,W,B 50 Ft 1/8 inch Fuse USA Out Of Stock

Cannon fuse American Visco Red, Green & R,W,B 50 Ft 1/8 inch Fuse USA

American water proof fuse in 3 colors, red, green & Red, White & Blue spiral. Will come in o..


Crackling fuse Magic whip W/ header bomb

Back in stock 5/21Is it firecrackers? Nope, its a roll of fuse with some really nice crackles and a ..


Paper crackling strips dragon eggs 12 Ft 1/4 inch

1/4" in Diameter X 3/32" flat paper type crackling fuse it comes in a Qty 12 - 1ft strips. Really co..


Fire Ties 100pcs -20%

Fire Ties 100pcs

Our new cable ties (zip ties) for chain fusing items together. Or connecting multiple fuses. 100pcs..

$2.49 $1.99

3" Precut American cannon fuse 1/8" X 100

100 Pcs American pre-cut fuse. Comes in Red,Green or Red White and Blue. Has a really nice lacquer c..


Fuse pack Assorted speeds 160 feet

Currently we are out of the Purple artillary and the yellow artillery fuse. we will substitute those..


Flying fish fuse 45 Ft 3/32 inch

1 Qty=45 Ft roll 3/32" Flying fish fuse. Very high quality Chinese fuse. Burns very hot and propulsi..


Ultra fast Fuse 20 ft .10 sec ft

Here is our fastest fuse available. This is an amazing fuse burning at a blazing speed of .17-...


Pink PERFECT fuse 10 seconds 20ft

The pink PERFECT fuse is back!Burn rate around 10 seconds per foot. A very high quality fu..


Fuse Connex 20pcs -26%

Fuse Connex 20pcs

  1qty.= 20 Connectors. not 10 like others.  Fuse Connex are great for connecting finale f..

$3.99 $2.96

Fuse Junction 50pcs -30%

Fuse Junction 50pcs

1 Package has 50 Connectors.used to daisy chain any type of fireworks for finales or complete shows...

$9.99 $6.95

Sub-medium speed cake Fuse 20ft 15 sec ft Out Of Stock

Sub-medium speed cake Fuse 20ft 15 sec ft

20 ft 3mm of dark green medium cake fuse. Burns at burn rate marked 14.9-15.4 sec per ft. Fantasti..


Super premium slow burning cannon fuse X20 ft

Slow Cannon Fuse super premium. This fuse is made with 24 woven cotton strings (instead of the usu..


2 Hour Punk 3pcs

Long burning Punk, for all night fun! lasts 2 Hours! 15.5 inches long1pack= 3 punks..


24AWG shooters wire 500FT

500 Foot Spool of 24 awg shooters wire yellow with red trace..


2mm premium fuse x 20ft

Very limited inventory so there is a 5qty Limit.High quality 2mm green fuse X 20ft W/ header. Great ..


E-Match/Initiator 2-3 Days


Electric Fireworks ignitor. E-match these are legal to own and ship without a license. Used wit..


Premium green fuse 3mm X 20ft 20 sec ft

Premium green cannon fuse burn rate of around 20 sec per foot. good hot slow and controlled burn. No..


Quick match kit 60 feet

This quick match consists of enough leader pipe, quick fuse and slow visco to make 60ft of water res..


Water proof leader pipe for Quick match X 150 ft

Now you can make your own totally water proof quick match with this high quality professional quick ..


Yellow Fast artillery fuse 2 sec x 20ft Out Of Stock

Yellow Fast artillery fuse 2 sec x 20ft

Not expected back in stock until this fall. Yellow Fast artillery fuse 2 sec x 20ft W/ Header. ..


Purple Med speed fuse 3mm 5 sec ft 20ft Out Of Stock

Purple Med speed fuse 3mm 5 sec ft 20ft

PURPLE med speed fuse 3mm X 20ft. Burn rate right at 5 sec per foot. Great quality fuse with a hot b..


Chinese time fuse 3 sec per inch 10 Ft 1/4 inch

This is a high quality time fuse. This is the Chinese copy of Japanese time fuse. Has light tan oute..