Fuse pack Assorted speeds 160 feet

Fuse assortment pack

Here you can purchase all of our 20ft rolls in various speeds for one low price.Qty 160 ft total in assorted fuses in 8 different speeds.

  1. Pink 9-11 second per foot "perfect fuse" X 20ft
  2. Purple med speed fuse 3-5 seconds per foot X 20ft
  3. 3mm Premium cannon fuse 20-22 sec per ft x 20ft
  4. Sub med cake fuse 15 seconds per foot x 20ft
  5. Super Premium 3.5 MM red cannon fuse 23-24 seconds per ft x 20ft
  6. Ultra fast fuse .01.03 seconds per ft x 20ft
  7. 2mm Premium green cannon fuse 27 sec per ft x 20ft
  8. Yellow artillery fuse 2 sec per ft x 20ft.

Burn rates can slightly vary depending on conditions

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  • Product Code: Assorted speed fuse pack 160 feet
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  • $29.95
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