Super, Super Bad Blue Laser 7W

Burn fuses, pop balloons with our 6 watt super bad blue laser. Comes with 2 / 26650 rechargeable batteries and charger & safety glasses. Laser also comes with a six month warranty. Laser uses a 9mm diode. If you desire the tighter beam to light fireworks like the video shows, we suggest the 3 watt laser which will handle the 3 element lens and is included. The 7 watt is too powerful to use the 3 element lens. These babies are sick! These are hand built here locally not cheap Chinese and nothing out there compares to the quality or the power these offer. This is a true blue 6m laser. 6m, that is an amazing 7000mw! This is science fiction light sabers ladies and gentlemen. To give you an idea just how powerful these are. The cheap laser pointers you would get at the beach or any market with the red dot that shines for 1-2 miles are 5mw this amazing laser is 7000mw! Just let that soak in a bit then you can order one. These are sold in kit form since we cannot sell them legally any other way although they are extremely simple to assemble. Its a very basic process, almost as simple as changing batteries in a flashlight. To light a fuse @ 15 ft away you must use a tripod or have it set still. All the 7w kits are 6.6w to 7w + or - 10% based on the fact that some people's laser power meters could be off 10% all laser module are tested on a 150w ophir lpm. All our lasers have a 60 day parts warranty (you pay shipping) after 60 days you will only pay for the cost of parts and shipping, labor for life as long as its not neglect. Attn: if unit is turned on more than 30 seconds at a time it can cause internal damage and our warranty does not cover this. We recommend 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off.


These can be extremely dangerous if they get in the wrong hands. These lasers can be used as a weapon. They can burn, blind and disfigure so they must be locked up when not in use and kept away from children.

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