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We are the ultimate source for fireworks-making products like firework fuse. For grinding, please click the link to the right to choose the best ball mill for making your pyrotechnics. We specialize in top of the line Cannon fuse (also known as wick, Visco fuse, safety, fast burn and fireworks fuse). We carry cardboard tubes, heavy wall spiral paper tubes and plugs. Our wholesale fireworks and components also include sparklers (for you novelty fireworks lovers). Of course we have everything from display shell mortars and shells, to smoke bombs. We also provide a selection of SUPER LOUD Cannons and signal mortars for your holiday celebrations. This is by far the best place to buy fireworks online, whether
you just need more paper tubes, or you need to know how to make fireworks. All of this comes to you at bottom dollar prices that can't be beat, guaranteed. Give us a try... you will be glad you did!

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Buy fireworks online - cannon fuse, smoke balls, smoke bombs, ball mills, visco fuse, sky lanterns
Buy Fireworks Online
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Non-support of Illegal Activities!
It is illegal to manufacture any type of ground explosive device in the US, regardless the intended use, unless you are licensed to do so by the federal government.

If you are wanting ingredients and materials to make M-80's, silver salutes, block-busters or any other type of illegal firework, You can go elsewhere because we do not sell to ANYONE who intends to produce such! We can and will turn down any orders at will if we believe you are producing any illegal firework. 


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