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12 ga perimeter alarm device. A basic trip alarm device that can be used hundreds of times in many d..
3/32" in diameter american water proof fuse in 3 colors, red, green and red, white and blue spiral. ..
The one and only BIG DADDY THUNDER-MUG. Built from a solid 1144 steel stock bored 2" ID 4" OD and 5"..
3" long 1.8mm precut fuse X 100 pcs. Good fuse with a light LC coating for water resisting. Wor..
Save money and buy the kit includes 6 blanks & full roll of 156ft milityary surplus trip wire. ..
5/8" Paper plugs fit snug in our 5/8" ID tubes..
1" Paper plugs fit snug in out 1" ID tubes...
3/4" Paper plugs fit snug in out 3/4" ID tubes.Each quantity is 100..
5/8" ID X 1-1/2" Long X 1/16" wall red paper tube.High quality tube with 1/16" wall but st..
1" X 2-1/2" Long X 1/8" wall RED paper tubes.Each quantity is 50..
alpha fire 1 & 4 cue remote New
Replacement remote for our 1 cue, 4 cue alpha systems. Will also work with our 12 cue alpha fire rec..
.75 cal steel balls for .75 cal deck cannon X 10 pcs New
Qty 10 pcs .75 cal steel balls for .75 cal deck cannon. ..
.44 cal lead balls X 10 pcs New
Qty 10 pcs .44 lead balls for the .44 cal deck cannon...
.44 Cal Adjustable deck cannon New Out Of Stock
Another gorgeous cannon hand built here in the US. Gorgeous gun steel barrel blued to perfection sit..
.75 Cal adjustable deck cannon New
Here is a real Jewel.Hand built here in the US. A .75 Cal two way adjustable deck cannon. Barrel is ..
LED head lamp New
LED head lamp with head strap and batteries and adjustable head lamp.  Bright LED lanterns and ..