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Safe and Sane (S&S)

Safe and Sane Fireworks

Model: 20 pcs Adult snaps
Adult Snaps1 package=20 snaps1 box=30 packages of 20 snaps(600 snaps)Half Case= 5 boxes of 30 packs of 20 snaps(3000 snaps)Full Case= 10 boxes of 30 packs of 20 snaps(6000 snaps)!Brand Names vary (Red Madarin, POP POPs, Torpedos, Thunder snaps, Bacon Snaps, ECT.) They are all the same just in differ..
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Model: Box Adult Snaps
1 Box Thunder SnapsHigh Performance Fuseless Firecrackers1 box=30 packages of 20 snaps(600 snaps)..
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Model: Full Case Snaps
1 Full Case of Thunder Snaps! (6000 snaps)10/30/20 packaging ..
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Model: Crack Headz
6-pack of Crack Headz 2min of crackling ..
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Model: Seismic Snaps
Seismic Snaps 24 boxes of 20 (480 Snaps)Super High performance Adult Snaps. Loud!..
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Model: Diamondback Tails
8-Pack of Diamondback Tails , Crackling strips..
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Model: Dragon Eggs
1 pack of 6 dragon eggs. Crackling balls...
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Model: crackling strips
1/4" in Diameter X 3/32" flat paper type crackling fuse it comes in a Qty 12 strips. Really cool effect with loud pops (crackles) Very pretty to look at by itself. Can use in shells or just burn by itself for a cool dragon egg effect. Also known as magic whip..
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Model: Magic whip W/ header bomb
Is it firecrackers? Nope, its a roll of fuse with some really LOUD crackles and a super crackle at the end. Roll is five feet. Can be hung up or laid on the ground.This is a novelty only and safe and sane, A firecracker-type effect that is legal for safe and sane states.Made to look like a roll of f..
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Model: Qty 10 Ground smashers
10 Ground smashers..
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Model: 4 Pieces When you gotta go
Qty 4 pcs of farm animals that are just dying to go. When lit they will let her rip with a little surprise at the end.Animals that are included are.Blustery bull, very happy horse, Pacified pig and Complacent Cow...
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Blaster Balls
2-3 Days
Model: Blaster Balls
Hand Blaster Balls (1 set)These things are great! Just toss one in the air and catch it in your hand so it hits the other ball when you catch it, and they make a firecracker pop sound and it smells like fireworks! you will catch yourself playing with these things way to long. Great fo..
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Big Mudder Trucker
Out Of Stock
Model: Big Mudder Trucker
large golden flower 1pcflash strobe pot 2pcs3" Happiness Fountain 1pccolor smoke ball 1packPARTY POPPERS 3pcCONIC PARTY POPPERS 1pcMAGNUM PISTOLS 1pcGROUND BLOOM FLOWERS 1pkCRACKLING BALLS 2pksTANK FIREWORK WITH REPORT 1pcSNAPPERS 1packBLACK SNAKE 1pack..
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Lil Goodie Bag S&S
Out Of Stock
Model: lil Goodie Bag
A great little assortment that kids cannot help but pick up. Comes in a handsome transparent bag with red handles...
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Macarena Baby (S&S)
Out Of Stock
Model: Macarena Baby
This piece is the little brother to our extremely popular assortment Hokey Pokey. ..
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