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6in. large sifting screen

Large 6 inch S/S sifting screen. General sifting screen for screening out clumps...


8 ply cotton string 1 spool

Qty 6300 ft of 8 ply cotton string on spool.This can be used to make visco, quickmatch or used for t..


8inch Gerindola wheel

Gerindola wheel is 8 inch dia (actual wheel size is 9-3/4") with 8 pre spaced driver rings, each alr..


Colored glow sticks Out Of Stock

Colored glow sticks

A patriotic way to put on a glow on July 4th and beyond. Just bend the sticks to activate the lumino..


Forever match

A neat little 1-1/2" X 1-1/4" stainless covered pocket sized forever match. Just put some lighter fl..


Gun torch lighter steel construction

Here is a perfect addition to light your fireworks off with this season. Not only is it a lighter bu..


Heavy duty 3,6 & 15 Lb mill belt

These belts are made to hold up on the 15 lb ball mill but will also work on the 3 lb and 6 lb mills..


Magnesium ribbon 75 Ft

75 Ft roll of magnesium ribbon (25 Grams) Very pure and of very high quality...


Potassium Perchlorate W/ Cab-O-sil 1 Lb. Out Of Stock

Potassium Perchlorate W/ Cab-O-sil 1 Lb.

SUPER BLOWOUT SALE NOW! ACT FAST. *****ALMOST GONE******1lb Chinese potassium perchlorate w cab-o-si..



Qty 100 igniter punks. Use these punks to save your fingers!..


Saturn missile tubes

Qty 169 Saturn missile tubesMeasures 2-1/4" Long X 1/4" ID..


Super glow powder 1/2 Oz

Super glow phosphorescent  europium powder 1/2 OzUse this one of a kind super glow powder to mi..


Thermite 4 Oz or 1lb

This is an mixture of iron oxide and fine aluminum that when ignited produces a temperature in exces..


Zoom LED Helicopter

If you have never seen this item before you must get at least one. These are great for outdoor parti..


Credit Card Knife New

Credit Card Knife

Very sharp Knife that folds up into the shape of a credit card for easy storage in you wallet or poc..


Flashlight LED Zoomable 1000 lumens!

The newest Technology in LED flashlights with 3 modes. This flashlight is claimed to be an astoundin..


LED head lamp

LED head lamp with head strap and batteries and adjustable head lamp.  Bright LED lanterns and ..