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Model: cotton string
Qty 6300 ft of 8 ply cotton string on spool.This can be used to make visco, quickmatch or used for tying...
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Model: 8 Gerindola wheel
Gerindola wheel is 8 inch dia (actual wheel size is 9-3/4") with 8 pre spaced driver rings, each already preset with correct angle for flight. Also has friction locks in each ring.  ID for inside ring is .700 inch.  Bottom launch tube will accept dowell and still move freely..
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Model: Box Adult Snaps
1 Box Adult Bacon SnapsHigh Performance Fuseless Firecrackers1 box=30 packages of 20 snaps(600 snaps)..
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Model: Forever Match
A neat little 1-1/2" X 1-1/4" stainless covered pocket sized forever match. Just put some lighter fluid in it and you have a windproof match that can be used hundreds of times. Very cool and affordable item...
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Model: urethane belt
These belts are made to hold up on the 15 lb ball mill but will also work on the 3 lb and 6 lb mills we carry if you want a extra strong belt for longer wear time. These will outlast the old rubber belts 10 to 1..
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Model: mg ribbon
75 Ft roll of magnesium ribbon (25 Grams) Very pure and of very high quality...
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Model: 100 punks
Qty 100 igniter punks. Use these punks to save your fingers!..
Model: Toothpick crossbow
You'll shoot your eye out kid!This is a Fun little toy. They have been considered dangerous by some countries. So that tells you how fun they are. But kids should be under adult supervision or adults under kids supervision...the toothpick will stick in drywall or skin!..
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Model: Blaster Balls
Hand Blaster Balls (1 set)These things are great! Just toss one in the air and catch it in your hand so it hits the other ball when you catch it, and they make a firecracker pop sound and it smells like fireworks! you will catch yourself playing with these things way to long. Great fo..
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Model: 1000 lumen zoomable flashlight
The newest Technology in LED flashlights with 3 modes. This flashlight is claimed to be an astounding 1000 lumens. Has a zoomable option from small spot light to large flood. Very high quality aircraft aluminum body sealed water tight, flashlight is completely water proof. Aluminum clip attached. No..
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Model: head lamp
LED head lamp with head strap and batteries and adjustable head lamp.  Bright LED lanterns and long battery life.  VERY handy item to use not only while doing your fireworks show but also very handy around the home...
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Model: Pot Perc
-1lb High Purity Chinese potassium perchlorate 1 Qty = 1 Pound..
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Model: Ronan 301
Ronan 301 CuttersThese work great for nice clean cuts on any sort of fuse, and a thousand other uses!..
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Model: Sifting screen
Sifting screen. General sifting screen for screening out clumps.choose between 6in and 3.5in...
$2.99 $3.99
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Model: Fire Tie
Our new cable ties (zip ties) for chain fusing items together. Or connecting multiple fuses. 100pcs..
$1.99 $2.49
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Model: spring kits
Spring kit for hand grenade or M-18quantity- 1 spring kit per order...
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Model: blue flame
Color Fire Packets. Just toss into a Fire for pretty colors. ..
$0.99 $1.99
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Model: Fuse Linx
  1qty.= 20 Linx. not 10 like others. Great for connecting finale fusing or For stringing Cakes or multiple items together with 1 main Fuse.20 Connectors in each bag. For 2-4mm fuse.                          ..
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Jumbo saturn missile tubes
Out Of Stock
Model: Jumbo saturn missle tubes
61 Jumbo saturn missle tubes..
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