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Paper Plug Installer

Pyrocreations Paper plug tool makes installing paper plugs into tubes very easyavailable in:9/165/83..


1/4 In Time Fuse Splitter

1/4 In Time Fuse Splitter For splitting and tying  up the time fuse on a mortar or rocket...


Star Plates

Star plates- For pressing your own stars.Made to work with a 1 ton Arbor press. Pick Between 1/..


Adjustable Fuse Cutter

Lightweight Adjustable Fuse Cutter Adjustable up to 4in and repeatable for perfect timed shells..


PyroCreations Poke

Our very own Design, Made here in the great USAPick between the 1/8 Poke which is great for american..


Ronan Utility Cutters

Ronan 301 CuttersThese work great for nice clean cuts on any sort of fuse, and a thousand other uses..


Sifting screens -25%

Sifting screens

Sifting screen. General sifting screen for screening out clumps.choose between 6in and 3.5in...

$3.99 $2.99

8 pc measuring cup set

Here is a very handy cup set to measure your powders and liquids. Made from ABS plastic and includes..


Funnel set 4 pcs

This set includes 2", 3", 4", and 5" diameter plastic funnels. Thick walled and durable plastic..


9 piece delux hole punch set

Punch your own discs with this 9 piece hole punch set. Make clean precise holes in Cardboard, chip..


Folding Razor Knife W/Blades

This is our favorite Razor Knife! We have a dozen of these floating around the shop here. So we deci..