Firing units

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12 cue Sequencer Firing System

NEW for 2018 12 Cue sequencer with input AND output.This unit fires at a linkage time interval range..


Alpha fire 12Q wireless firing system 8th version

The latest distributed firing system. All new 8th version When you take the #1 most distributed..


Alpha MS 32 cue plus FSK firing system -39%

Alpha MS 32 cue plus FSK firing system

Optimized programFSK ModulationMosFetAdvanced Technology!Hardware and program are optimized, FSK mod..

$350.00 $215.00

Antennas Alpha fire unit Out Of Stock

Antennas Alpha fire unit

Replacement Alpha fire Antennas fits 1 cue, 4 cue and 12 cue alpha firing systems..


Bridegless match kit W/ 100 Pre-stripped wires

Bridgeless match kit W/ 100 Pre-stripped wires.This kt is the most advanced kit we have sold yet! Co..


External Battery Pack - SLA Battery with Smart Wall Charger (12V 10aH)

Get the extra firing capacity you need with this complete SLA battery set!Includes a 12 V, 10 aH SLA..


Four channel Alpha fire wireless firing system

You can chose between the 6th version and the newest 8th version.Read all about the 8th version HERE..


Four cue remote

4 cue remote, controls up to 6 units at once. WILL NOT WORK WITH ALPHA FIRES!..


Multifunctional Transmitter TCF200-U -6%

Multifunctional Transmitter TCF200-U

1.Works out 4 modes:A-Single Firing Mode,B-Firing in Sequence Mode,C-Program Firing Mode,D-Stepper F..

$275.00 $259.00

Musicfire MB32Q firing system -12% Out Of Stock

Musicfire MB32Q firing system

Great Features (click to see detailed descriptions):You can download the PDF file to see detail..

$425.00 $372.00

OmegaFire Internet Control Master Unit M2 Master basil

Chose between the OF12Q, OF32Q and master basil. Or chose the whole package for one low price.Chose ..


One cue Alpha firing system

Now chose between 6th and 8th version receivers. See about our 8th version receivers HEREWe have don..


Talon brand nichrome igniters 1 meter X 25

If used correctly these talon brand ignitors have a 100% rate of non fails. Why pay up to $2 each fo..


Twelve cue alpha fire standard or Interval remote -40%

Twelve cue alpha fire standard or Interval remote

12 cue standard or Step fire alpha remote "chose in drop down menu" Will work with our alpha systems..

$25.00 $15.00

Twelve cue MS wireless firing system -29%

Twelve cue MS wireless firing system

12 MS cue stand alone firing unit. We have done research for the best quality Chinese made firing sy..

$140.00 $99.00

Twelve Cue wireless firing unit

Here is a value line of our firing units. This is a "generic" firing unit although they work fairly ..


Uncoated e-matches 3ft or 10ft X 25 pcs

Blank e-match leads with nichrome bridge. No pyrogen on match head.  Sold in packs of 25. 1 met..


alpha fire 1 & 4 cue remote

Replacement remote for our 1 cue, 4 cue alpha systems. Will also work with our 12 cue alpha fire rec..


One cue firing system W/remote

once cue electronic firing system that comes with a remote ..


Talon brand nichrome igniters 3 meter X 25

If used correctly these TALON brand ignitors have a 100% rate of NON fails. why pay up to $2 each fo..


24AWG shooters wire 500FT New

24AWG shooters wire 500FT

500 Foot Spool of 24 awg shooters wire yellow with red trace..


E-Match/Initiator New


Electric Fireworks ignitor. E-match these are legal to own and ship without a license. Used wit..