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Rocket Stuff

Rocket tooling and supplies

Bottle Rocket Tooling Kit Bottle Rocket Tooling Kit
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Model: Bottle Rocket Kit
We finally have our NEW Bottle Rocket Tooling Kits in stock.There is a 1/4in kit and a 5/16 kit.The 1/4in Kit comes with 50-1/4x2in tubes, and The 5/16 Kit comes with 25-5/16x3in tubesMade from solid Stainless Steel. These are not cheap aluminum kits.These will work for:Nozzled, Nozzless, Whistle, B..
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Model: Rocket Tube
1 Rocket Tube. Very Heavy duty. Very strong, not flexible9/16ID- 7/8OD 24in longJust stab into the ground or attach to fixed object with tape or zipties at any angle..
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1Lb Rocket Tooling set 1Lb Rocket Tooling set
-8% Out Of Stock
Model: 1Lb Rocket Tooling (7.5)
1lb Rocket tooling set - Choose either Nozzle or Nozzle less High quality extra long Stainless Spindle for more power.Comes with Spindle, Base, 4 rammers and a pull pinWorks for BP or Sugar Rockets!..
$119.95 $129.95
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