Novelty fireworks

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Adult snaps

Adult Snaps1 package=20 snaps1 box=30 packages of 20 snaps(600 snaps)Half Case= 5 boxes of 30 packs ..


Adult Snaps Box BEST SELLER

1 Box Adult Bacon SnapsHigh Performance Fuseless Firecrackers1 box=30 packages of 20 snaps(600 snaps..


Adult Snaps Full Case New

Adult Snaps Full Case

1 Full Case of Bacon Snaps! (6000 snaps)10/30/20 packaging ..


Qty 4 pcs when you gotta go Out Of Stock

Qty 4 pcs when you gotta go

Qty 4 pcs of farm animals that are just dying to go. When lit they will let her rip with a little su..


Crowning Glory Sparklers (5pcs)

One each of red, green, blue, purple and silver flame with gold and titanium flowers...


Hanabi Premium Sparklers (4pcs)

Hanabi is a rare Japanese effect. These elegant gold sparklers come in premium packaging that invite..


Premium Birthday cake sparklers ice fountains X 25 pcs lot

Qty 25 Pcs Premium birthday cake silver sparklers ice fountains. Shoots ssilver sparks 1-2 feet high..


Spinning Star Ship -25% Out Of Stock

Spinning Star Ship

Brand new item. Description to come soon!..

$4.99 $3.75

#20 Premium Wedding Sparkler (8pcs)

Our most popular wholesale wedding sparklers have been improved with an additional 45 seconds of bur..


Mini laser Out Of Stock

Mini laser

Qty 6 pack of mini laser strobes.Has small surprise at the end...


Silver Birthday ice fountains X 4 pcs

Package of 4 Silver B-day ice fountains Burns for 25 seconds. Shoots silver sparks 1-2 feet high!..


Americas Sweetheart Sparklers (5pcs)

Five effects: gold sparks; red head with gold sparks; green head with gold sparks; blue head with go..


Colored Snakes (6pack)

6 pack of colored snakes 2 of each color..


Magic Whip / dragon eggs

1/4" in Diameter X 3/32" flat paper type crackling fuse it comes in a Qty 12 strips. Really cool eff..


Magic whip W/ header bomb

Is it firecrackers? Nope, its a roll of fuse with some really nice crackles and a super crackle at t..


36 booby traps

36 booby trapsGreat fun, Practical jokes, use thumb tacks or screws on peoples desks or doors so whe..


Blue flame -50%

Blue flame

Color Fire Packets. Just toss into a Fire for pretty colors. ..

$1.99 $0.99

2 Hour Punk 5pcs

Long burning Punk, for all night fun! lasts 2 Hours! 10.5 inches long1pack= 5 punks..