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Adult Mandarin snaps

They will ship Next Business Day, And you will receive them in 1-5 days! So order before June 2..


Adult Snaps Box BEST SELLER

1 Box Adult Thunder Snaps or Bacon SnapsHigh Performance Fuseless Firecrackers1 box=30 packages of 2..


Qty 4 pcs when you gotta go Out Of Stock

Qty 4 pcs when you gotta go

Qty 4 pcs of farm animals that are just dying to go. When lit they will let her rip with a little su..


Crowning Glory Sparklers (5pcs)

One each of red, green, blue, purple and silver flame with gold and titanium flowers...


Hanabi Premium Sparklers (4pcs) 2-3 Days

Hanabi Premium Sparklers (4pcs)

Hanabi is a rare Japanese effect. These elegant gold sparklers come in premium packaging that invite..


Premium Birthday cake sparklers ice fountains X 25 pcs lot

Qty 25 Pcs Premium birthday cake silver sparklers ice fountains. Shoots ssilver sparks 1-2 feet high..


Spinning Star Ship -25%

Spinning Star Ship

Brand new item. Description to come soon!..

$4.99 $3.75

#20 Premium Wedding Sparkler (8pcs)

Our most popular wholesale wedding sparklers have been improved with an additional 45 seconds of bur..


Mini laser Out Of Stock

Mini laser

Qty 6 pack of mini laser strobes.Has small surprise at the end...


Silver Birthday ice fountains X 4 pcs

Package of 4 Silver B-day ice fountains Burns for 25 seconds. Shoots silver sparks 1-2 feet high!..


36in Morning Glory Sparklers (6pcs) 2-3 Days

36in Morning Glory Sparklers (6pcs)

A fireworks show you can hold in your hand! Watch these sparklers give off red flares, silver crackl..


Americas Sweetheart Sparklers (5pcs)

Five effects: gold sparks; red head with gold sparks; green head with gold sparks; blue head with go..


Colored Snakes (6pack) 2-3 Days

Colored Snakes (6pack)

6 pack of colored snakes 2 of each color..


Crackling fuse Magic whip W/ header bomb 2-3 Days

Crackling fuse Magic whip W/ header bomb

Expected back sometime this spring.Is it firecrackers? Nope, its a roll of fuse with some really nic..


Paper crackling strips dragon eggs Out Of Stock

Paper crackling strips dragon eggs

1/4" in Diameter X 3/32" flat paper type crackling fuse it comes in a Qty 12 strips. Really cool eff..


Starball Contribution 2-3 Days

Starball Contribution

A very entertaining ground spinner. The speed of the spin and the color is awesome, and the surprise..


36 booby traps

36 booby trapsGreat fun, Practical jokes, use thumb tacks or screws on peoples desks or doors so whe..


Blue flame -50%

Blue flame

Color Fire Packets. Just toss into a Fire for pretty colors. ..

$1.99 $0.99

Musical Birthday candle In Stock

Musical Birthday candle

1 Musical Birthday candlePlease Leave In comments section at Checkout, What color you prefer.BLUE,P..


2 Hour Punk 3pcs 2-3 Days

2 Hour Punk 3pcs

Long burning Punk, for all night fun! lasts 2 Hours! 15.5 inches long1pack= 3 punks..