Fuse Connex New -26%
  1qty.= 20 Connectors. not 10 like others.  Fuse Connex are great for connecting finale f..
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Spinning Star Ship New -25%
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Advanced Party pack #3 New
party pack 3 has a massive 578 pieces!!!!a great selection of our favorites sure to take you next ge..
Party pack #1 New
Party pack one has a total of 297 piecesA selection of our favorite novelty fireworks to add that sp..
Party pack #2 New
Party pack #2 is a whopping 494 pieces!A selection of some of our favorite novelty fireworks to add ..
One cue firing system W/remote New
once cue electronic firing system that comes with a remote ..
High quality 2mm green fuse X 20ft W/ header. Great high quality fuse with a burn rate of 25 sec foo..
Potassium Perchlorate W/ Cab-O-sil 1 Lb. Out Of Stock
SUPER BLOWOUT SALE NOW! ACT FAST. *****ALMOST GONE******1lb Chinese potassium perchlorate w cab-o-si..
1" Paper plugs fit snug in out 1" ID tubes...
9/16" Paper plugs fit snug in our 9/16" ID tubes..
1" X 2-1/2" Long X 3/32" wall RED paper tubes.Each quantity is 50..
3/4" Paper plugs fit snug in out 3/4" ID tubes.Each quantity is 100..
12 gauge perimeter alarm Out Of Stock
12 ga perimeter alarm device. A basic trip alarm device that can be used hundreds of times in many d..
.22 Cal MIghty mini cannon -20%
UNIQUE item From ONLY Pyrocreations!Special pricing, Save $20.00 & Chose all four colors for $34..
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 Glitter, Chemistry & Technique / Oglesby Out Of Stock
Glitter, The Chemistry & Technique - Lloyd Scott Oglesby's definitive study of the phenomeno..
NOW ON SALE for limited time only. save 50%20 pcs ADULT Mandarin snaps..
American water proof fuse in 3 colors, red, green & Red, White & Blue spiral. Will come in o..
12 gauge alarm kit Out Of Stock
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