F5 Golf Ball Attachment New
Golf ball / Smoke Canister / Net Attachment only –  for Soda Can LauncherAttachment threads int..
1 X 2-1/2 X 3/32 Red Gloss (50qty) New
1 X 2-1/2 X 3/32 Red Gloss Paper TubesEach Quantity is 50 tubes..
F5 Can Cannon New
The F5 Can Cannon is a 100% legal soda can launcher for your AR-15 / M16 rifle. The Can Cannon is pe..
Adult Snaps Full Case New
1 Full Case of Bacon Snaps! (6000 snaps)10/30/20 packaging ..
Fast White Fuse (1sec) New
Super fast white fuse  .3-1.2 sec per foot  20 FeetLimit 10 ..
Havoc 37mm Side Loading 12in New
Spikes Tactical Havoc 12in 37mm launcherThe NEW Side loading version..
A real 5 minute smoke canister. We timed on at 5 minutes and 4 seconds. These will shoot flumes of w..
Green 30 Sec. Fuse - 10 Meters New
10- 1 Meter pieces per package (32.8 Feet)Green Slow Cannon Fuse 30 seconds per foot..
-1lb High Purity Chinese potassium perchlorate 1 Qty = 1 Pound..
1" Paper plugs fit snug in out 1" ID tubes...
3/4" Paper plugs fit snug in out 3/4" ID tubes.Each quantity is 100..
Fast Pink Fuse 20ft (2-3sec) New
 Fast Pink Fuse,  20 Feet1.6 - 2.6 sec per foot..
.22 Cal MIghty mini cannon -20%
These were made for 2MM fuse which we currently can not get. So you can drill the hole out to 1/8 an..
$49.95 $39.95
Adult Snaps1 package=20 snaps1 box=30 packages of 20 snaps(600 snaps)Half Case= 5 boxes of 30 packs ..
Premium green cannon fuse burn rate of around 20 sec per foot. good hot slow and controlled burn. No..
DIY massive smoke kit -38%
You can chose between two kits we offer. One kit is the 2x3 kit which consists of Qty seven 2x3 tube..
$31.95 $19.95
This is a high quality time fuse. This is the Chinese copy of Japanese time fuse. Has light tan oute..
Ultra fast Fuse 20 ft .10 sec ft Out Of Stock
Limit 5 per order because of short supply.Here is our fastest fuse available. This is an amazing fus..