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.22 Cal MIghty mini cannon -20%

.22 Cal MIghty mini cannon

These were made for 2MM fuse which we currently can not get. So you can drill the hole out to 1/8 an..

$49.95 $39.95

Black powder Garrison cannon

Here is a .58 Cal black powder signal cannon with VERY LOUD REPORT for all you celebrations and or p..


Black Powder Field Cannon

.58 cal smooth bore steel barrel Tiltable barrel on rolling wagon wheelsworks with 1/8 cannon f..


Black Powder WWII Cannon

.58 smooth bore steel barrelindependent rolling wheelscompatible with hobbyist paintsworks with 1/8 ..


Black powder kit 1 lb

Make your own black powder. Kit contains all chems to make 1 lb of black powder. No ball mill requir..


Trip Alarm

Perimeter Trip Alarm, with Grenade head for using 209 primers. These are roughly 13.5in long ma..


.22 cal lead balls for all mini and trigger cannons

These lead balls are made to fit all of our trigger cannons and mighty mini cannons. We offer .17 .2..