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Toothpick Crossbow

You'll shoot your eye out kid!This is a Fun little toy. They have been considered dangerous by some ..


Trick Cards (Marked) -33% 2-3 Days

Trick Cards (Marked)

Want to mess with your card buddies? This is it. Every card is marked on the top and bottom of the b..

$5.99 $3.99

Bomb bag

Here is a great item. Just squeeze the pouch inside the bag then throw. The bag will swell then BOOM..


Toothpicks (500)

500 Premium Toothpicks for the Toothpick Crossbow..


Fart bomb bag

Let it rip! Simply squeeze this fart bag and get ready for some rancid odor. Within 3-5 seconds, the..


Magnesium fire starter

Start hundreds of fires with a flame source of 5400 degrees fahrenheit. Can be safely carried in you..


Spring kits for hand grenades

Spring kit for hand grenade or M-18quantity- 1 spring kit per order...


Zappit electric bug racket

Here is a very cool item for the summer outdoor fun. Zap those annoying bugs while they are in fligh..