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Weird & Wacky

Model: Bomb bag
Here is a great item. Just squeeze the pouch inside the bag then throw. The bag will swell then BOOM! Great gag...
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Glow Powder (1oz) Glow Powder (1oz)
New -50%
Model: Glow Powder
CLEARANCE 1 OZ. of Europium Glow Powder.Glows for hours after exposed to light...
$4.95 $9.95
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Model: Toothpick
500 Premium Toothpicks for the Toothpick Crossbow..
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Model: Fart bomb bag
Let it rip! Simply squeeze this fart bag and get ready for some rancid odor. Within 3-5 seconds, the bag will burst into a gaseous explosion of sound and stink...
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Model: Mayan Wood
Mayan Wood also referred to as Fat Wood. Is a High resin wood that is great for starting fires. Easy to light and burns hot. Even in the rain!6 lb. Bag..
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Model: spring kits
Spring kit for hand grenade or M-18quantity- 1 spring kit per order...
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Model: bug racket
Here is a very cool item for the summer outdoor fun. Zap those annoying bugs while they are in flight with a nice jolt from this racket. These are of good quality and has a nice blue charge you can see when the bugs get zapped. Takes two D cell batteries...
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Toothpick Crossbow Toothpick Crossbow
Out Of Stock
Model: Toothpick crossbow
You'll shoot your eye out kid!This is a Fun little toy. They have been considered dangerous by some countries. So that tells you how fun they are. But kids should be under adult supervision or adults under kids supervision...the toothpick will stick in drywall or skin!..
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