Cannon Fuse

waterproof American visco cannon fuse

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Cannon Fuse, American Visco, 50FT

Because of short supply, Were are Limiting Quantities to 3 per person.American water proof fuse in 3..


3" Precut American cannon fuse 1/8" X 100

Because of short supply, We have to limit each order to 6 quantities.100 Pcs American pre-cut fuse. ..


Pink PERFECT fuse 10 seconds 20ft

Limit 5 per order because of short supply.Burn rate around 10 seconds per foot. A very high quality ..


PyroCreations Poke

Our very own Design, Made here in the great USAPick between the 1/8 Poke which is great for american..


Ultra fast Fuse 20 ft .10 sec ft

Limit 5 per order because of short supply.Here is our fastest fuse available. This is an amazing fus..


Crackling fuse Magic whip W/ header bomb 2-3 Days

Crackling fuse Magic whip W/ header bomb

Expected back sometime this spring.Is it firecrackers? Nope, its a roll of fuse with some really nic..


Fire Ties 100pcs -20%

Fire Ties 100pcs

Our new cable ties (zip ties) for chain fusing items together. Or connecting multiple fuses. 100pcs..

$2.49 $1.99

Paper crackling strips dragon eggs

1/4" in Diameter X 3/32" flat paper type crackling fuse it comes in a Qty 12 strips. Really cool eff..


Fuse Junction 50pcs -30%

Fuse Junction 50pcs

1 Package has 50 Connectors.used to daisy chain any type of fireworks for finales or complete shows...

$9.99 $6.95

Fuse Linx 20pcs

  1qty.= 20 Linx. not 10 like others. Great for connecting finale fusing or For stringing ..


2 Hour Punk 3pcs

Long burning Punk, for all night fun! lasts 2 Hours! 15.5 inches long1pack= 3 punks..


24AWG shooters wire 500FT

500 Foot Spool of 24 awg shooters wire yellow with red trace..



Electric Fireworks ignitor. E-match these are legal to own and ship without a license. Used wit..


Water proof leader pipe for Quick match X 150 ft

Now you can make your own totally water proof quick match with this high quality professional quick ..


Chinese time fuse 3 sec per inch 10 Ft 1/4 inch

This is a high quality time fuse. This is the Chinese copy of Japanese time fuse. Has light tan oute..