Visco Fuses in Fireworks

Posted by Mike 08/25/2016 0 Comment(s)

A visco fuse is widely used for consumer fireworks. It helps to create delays in the firing of multiple firework displays. When you buy fireworks, you can see the fuse as a twisted, coated strand, usually in green or red color. These days, many variants of visco fuse are used in the fireworks. Some of the common variants of visco fuse are:

  • Cannon fuse: Cannon fuse is the most popular variant of visco fuse. It is generally thicker and coated to be more waterproof.
  • Flying fish fuse: Flying fish fuse is another popular variant of visco fuse that is used in fireworks. Instead of just an initiator, a flying fish fuse can perform as a main effect.
  • Igniter Cord: Igniter cord is specially designed to ignite multiple safety fuses. It is usually coated to be water resistance.

The visco fuse is easily available in the market in a variety of different lengths, speeds, and sizes. Perfect for home firework display or testing compositions, visco fuse will give you an opportunity to enjoy excellent firework displays.