The many uses of Sky lanterns

Posted by Mike 12/09/2016 0 Comment(s)

Sky lanterns are used since ancient times. They were first invented by the Chinese and were used during the times of war as a functional tool. Troops used them for sending messages to each other and for alerting the friendly troop about any danger. 

Sky lanterns were also used by commoners. People used them to request good favour for their crops and for their livestock, children, and family. Whenever they wanted the blessings of God, they used to light the sky lantern and send it in the sky. It was believed that the lanterns floated up to the heavens, closer to the Gods residing there and made the wishes and prayers of the senders come true. Sky lanterns were also used for thanking God for his blessings and for the prosperity, happiness, and luck that people enjoyed. 

The tradition of lighting sky lanterns has been passed down to the modern generations as well. Even today, people across different cultures and traditions light the sky lanterns during formal and informal occasions and events. People often use sky lanterns during birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, farewell parties, and at New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Halloween, and at other special occasions. Sky lanterns are considered auspicious and it is believed that lighting them during important events brings good luck to one’s life.

Regardless of the occasion and purpose, the Chinese lanterns help add a festive air to any occasion. They fill the whole environment with fun and excitement. People enjoy watching the spectacular vision created by the Chinese lanterns and this makes the event more enjoyable for them. Chinese lanterns also help in making an important event memorable for everyone present at the celebration. The revelation that is being created by these Chinese lanterns lasts in the memories of the spectators for years to come.

The rapidly growing use of the sky lanterns has lead to their availability in different colors, shapes, sizes, and themes. In fact, these days one can also find eco-friendly sky lanterns in the market that do not leave any waste into the air and on the earth. These lanterns disintegrate completely, causing no harm to the environment.

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