All you wanted to know about Sky Lanterns

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All you wanted to know about Sky Lanterns


Sky lanterns are traditional fireworks that have made their way in to the modern times. Their first use dates back to hundreds of years in the Asian tradition where they were used as signalling devices by the Chinese battles and were popularly called hot air balloons. Today, they are called Chinese lanterns and flying lanterns. 

Sky lanterns are constructed of oiled rice paper and contain a small candle or a fuel cell which is lighted and allowed to sail away. Modern sky lanterns include LED lighting and are used for hanging from trees, ceilings in houses and offices for adding a touch of beauty to the interiors during the festive season.

Sky lanterns are found in many designs, colors, and sizes. From flying lanterns in the shape of a heart to the ones shaped like a football, there are Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty lanterns too. Further, one can get customized flying lanterns too imprinted with a special message or a logo to make an important occasion very special or to meet one’s company’s unique marketing message.

Sky lanterns can be used for almost every special occasion. Be it a birthday party, anniversary, New Year celebration, or wedding reception party, sky lanterns make an elegant choice for a special event. The visual display offered by them is simply enchanting and helps make an event memorable for the people attending the party. 

As well as being beautiful to look at, the fly lanterns are also great to use. They are environmentally-friendly and do not pollute the environment in any ways. Unlike other fireworks, these are made from biodegradable products like recycled paper and use candles for lighting which make them a smarter and safer option for those who are conscious about the environment.

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